Providing an outstanding service across all company activities.

Specialising in metal manufacturing, we also operate our recruitment agency across Poland and Germany, as well undertake various construction projects.

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Welding services

We specialise in welding of structures and metal elements, in particular related to construction projects. This includes fabrication and assembly of steel structures, no matter their size.

Client-centered approach

Attending to our client’s vision is our priority. We are happy to undertake projects and ventures which require exceptional effort, ideas, unqiue and unusual perspectives, and expert advice.

Locksmith services

We provide services such as band saw cutting, drilling, riveting, setting rivet nuts, threading as well as other services as required by the client, using documentation provided.

Project visualisation

We ensure that you can clearly see what the construction or design will look like around the site or at your home. This allows us to communicate more clearly about your vision for the project.

Recruitment agency

If you require skilled workers in welding, building, or construction, we can work together to establish short-term contracts within our recruitment agency. Contact us for more information.

Hobbyist projects

As well as undertaking company projects, we are happy to carry out small projects for individuals, in particular unique metal furniture for home and outdoor/garden use.

Contact Us

email: kam@edusmart-tc.net

tel: PL: +48607048680 or UK: +447453278703