Our limited company was established first as an freelance service in 2006 by one of the owners Kris, then in 2016 Aleksandra, Kris’s wife opened a training centre with a SMART strategies for welders, constructors and business owners. individual client, we will offer you a bespoke service too.

Kris had been working for the best companies in the UK such as Stage One and Wakefield Acoustics where he gained all of his work experience to become nr 1 welder – fitter constructor for them. His heavy duty work for a variety of purposes, and the creative customised and semi-standard acoustically insulated containers was well known in the UK. He has been working around units, that are constructed with a structural baseplate, insulated external panels and roof, and integrated ventilation systems, whether they are CHP acoustic containers or gas / diesel generator acoustic containers.

Why to chose K A M SMART?

The work around containers’ load-bearing roofs can be built to accommodate equipment such as exhaust silencers, heat exchangers, and other items as needed just for your needs and the needs of your clients. Kris, with his 15 years experience after moving back to Poland in 2021 and opening his business in here, is the best person for you to work with. Why not to give him a call? +48607048680 – feel free to ring him in English too and Polish as well!

Why are we outstanding? Because we speak 3 different languages, because we listen, because we care, because we find the best solutions for you and your business whether your company is based in the UK, Ireland, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy or Germany, whether you are a massive company or a small freelance individual. We work around you, for you, with you! You will feel comfortable doing business with our family company

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Polish & Slovakian +48 607 048 680

Polish & English +44 1274 317 355

English +44 74 532 78 703

Email us on: kam@edusmart-tc.net

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